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At Allusions Cabinets, Doors & More, we are committed to providing our clients quality workmanship, excellent service and optimum value for their dollar.


We specialize in cabinet refinishing and have expertise in wood grain finishes. If you are looking to update and improve the appearance of your kitchen and /or home, we can provide amazing and affordable finishes that are custom and unique...finishes that will beautify your home and wood grain finishes on external entry and garage doors that will enhance your home’s curb appeal.


Would you entertain a more affordable alternative with a quality finish you will find on any new cabinet? If you are a cost conscious shopper wanting a high-end appearance, consider the most economical alternative to modernizing your kitchen or bath by refinishing your existing cabinetry. Many times consumers feel they need to replace or reface their cabinetry to obtain a modern, trendy, updated look. Usually, the cabinets are good quality or the surfaces are in good condition. In either case your cabinets can be refinished to look like new whether the material is a composite, laminate or wood. You can have the finish you want in a wide variety of colors, styles and textures, consistent with today’s styles and trends for a fraction of the cost when compared to the other two alternatives. If you have cabinets in a solid color and would like a wood finish appearance, refinishing your cabinets is an excellent alternative.


Our custom finishes are high quality and second to none. We provide a fine-furniture finish that is beautiful, durable, chemical resistant, and non-yellowing with UV protection. Using only the finest products and the artisan skills developed from years of experience, our finishes are an excellent alternative for creating the kitchen you love. To add beauty and value to your home, cabinet refinishing is the most economical and affordable choice.


Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality finish, the best in service and optimum value for the dollar. Our work is not complete until you are completely satisfied with the end result and the workmanship.